Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Beauty Of An Idea

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We always have ideas to add to any space that we see, these ideas are just our personal input with what we see and what can be added or created. That's the beauty of an idea, they don't have to be concrete dictations of what the space must look like. 

There are plenty of ideas to throw around. Some might not see a space the way we do, there isn't anything wrong with that.. it's just our left brains kicking into high gear again. When we get started we just can stop. So we've decided to add to our little site here, for the fun of it. Tina had a great idea to take listings from around the world and breaking them down room by room and share what we would do to them. Of course we have to change the exteriors and landscape as well! I mean.. there is no budget, no barriers in these little projects. Just fun. 

Stay tuned for our thoughts on a home currently for sale in Penzance, Cornwall UK.