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  Our goal is to equip you with a full design layout from the paint tone on the wall to the very last accent pillow. We'll instruct you in what should be accomplished in each room for maximum affect and you can choose from our outline what parts you'd like to tackle, and when. The time frame is up to you, we set you up with a guide to refer to as you work your way from room to room.

We provide an attractive guide to achieving the look that you most want (or we'll find what you most want if you don't know..). We put together a virtual mock up of what your room will consist of: wall paint & sheen, area rugs, furniture, throw pillows, wall decor, etc. After we've sent the virtual mock up board of your home's interior design and how to achieve it, you'll have some brand new ideas for your space and a starting point for implementing these ideas on your own. The whole idea of our service is to inspire you, and give you tools to implement our ideas for your space. That's why we are so affordable! 

Designers can be very pricey, we love what we do and want to empower you. 

If your board gives you more ideas or if you'd like us to work on it further, like changing colors, finding new elements or helping you lay the room out, we'd be happy to do so on a consultant basis at $40.00 per hour.  

Our pricing is as follows:

Interior Design Package - $500.00 for a room by room design breakdown up to 5 rooms or  up to 2,500 square feet. Once over 2,500 square feet the cost will depend on the size of the home and how many rooms will be included for design.

We offer spaces on an individual basis: $100 per room for the first 3 rooms, after that it will be considered and Interior Design Package and the standard $500 fee will be put in place. 

 >> Extras <<

  • $100 each for a shopping trip
  • As mentioned before $40.00 per hour on a consulting basis, where we will be available to set up a room layout and bring the space together for you. 

What We Need From You
  1. A photo of your home's exterior (this way, the "feel" of the interior design of your home doesn't completely quarrel with the outside, they'll work together.) 
  2. A photo of each room that needs needs help. Multiple angles of each room is best, so we can fully grasp the layout. 
  3. Take the >> Home Goods Stylescope << .. it'll give you AND us an idea of your ideal style.

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